Kuula Muuseumiöö lugu
(avaneb hüpikaknas)


In Estonia the Night of the Museums will be celebrated on May 18, when almost two hundred museums, archives, galleries and manor-houses, also windmills and churches are open for visitors from 6 p.m to 11 p.m or later free of charge.

As on May 18 many Museums also celebrate the Day of the Museums, many museums are open for free during the daytime already.

Some examples of the programmes in Tallinn that can be enjoyed without the knowledge of Estonian

Estonian Theatre and Music Museum (Müürivahe 12, Tallinn)

Concerts 18.00; 19.00; 21.00; 22.00 by Reinut Tepp and friends

18.30 Presetation of mechanical musical instruments – in Estonian, but the guide is happy to give explanations in English as well.

Museum of Ocupations (Toompea 8, Tallinn)

Permanent exhibition and the documentary about Olga Kitsler-Ritso both in English and Estonian.

Department of Mining, Tallinn University of Technology (Ehitajate tee 8, building VII)


The programme concentrates on mining and miners. As the main emphasis is on activities, the knowledge of Estonian is not important

National Library of Estonia (Tõnismägi 2, Tallinn)

18.30-21.00 Piano concert – beautiful pieces from the collections of National Library of Estonia

21.00 – Movie „Living Images “ (H. Volmer 2013) with English subtitles. See the trailer here.

Also plenty of exhibitons all over the house.

These were just a few examples from the programme. Almost all the musems in Tallinn and Tartu have at least some part of the exhibition available in English. All the participating museums on a map can be seen here.